Bezzi, M., Nieus, T., Coenen, O.J.-M.D. and D Angelo, E. Information transfer at the mossy fiber to granule cell synapse. Forum of European Neuroscience Abstracts, 2004

Sony CSL authors: Michele Bezzi, Olivier Coenen


Information theory has been widely applied to the study of neural coding in different areas of the brain. We apply this approach to investigate the information transmission in cerebellar granule cell layer focusing on the mossy fiber-granule cell synapses. Mossy fiber-granule cell relay is characterized by a limited number of excitatory-inhibitory synaptic inputs which allow to dissect the different sources of noise during the neuro-transmission process and to fully explore the different input stimuli. A stochastic release model of the synapses and a detailed Hodgkin-Huxley model of the granule cell have been used to analyze information transmission properties of the granular layer micro-circuit. Statistical quantities, such as entropy and mutual information, allow a quantitative description of cell coding capability in different contexts. In particular, stimulus specific information can be used to extract the more informative set of stimuli, and to stress in which conditions the cell optimizes its coding capability. Our results indicate that the most informative stimuli are usually characterized by high correlations on the four mossy fibers and this suggests a possible role of granule cell in detecting correlations in the mossy-fiber inputs. In addition, we have analyzed the role of Golgi inhibiton. The granule cell layer displays theta oscillations (3-12 Hz) and modeling studies suggest that this could be due to Golgi cells synchronization. Golgi to granule cell inhibition has been investigated and fully inhibitory synchronization from the Golgi cells has proved to be the most effective condition to transmit efficiently information through the mossy fiber to granule cell synaptic relay.

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