Gemeinboeck, P., Tanaka, A., and Dong, A. Instant Archaeologies: Digital Lenses to Probe and to Perforate the Urban Fabric. Proc. ACM Multimedia, Santa Barbara, 2006

Sony CSL authors: Atau Tanaka


The paper discusses the digital artwork series Impossible Geographies, works that weave dynamic cartographies of invisible, fragile and hybrid spaces. Impossible Geographies 01: Memory invokes the memory space of a gallery, producing cracks through which past events seep into the physical present. Net_Dérive negotiates the space between a gallery and its urban neighborhood, creating hybrid narratives along the grooves left by participants equipped with mobile phones. The playground of Impossible Geographies 02: Urban Fiction spreads across the city and beyond, mixing and shifting multiple urban geographies as participants sweep along the urban fabric with advanced mobile phones. The conceptual and technological methods of ‘lens-making’ and ‘spacing,’ developed in these artworks, explore the subjective, hybrid, and migrational nature of the geographies we belonging to. By re-sculpting the fluid nature of the urban fabric the works transform the everyday urbanscape into impossible imaginary geographies.

Keywords: Digital cartography, locative media, memory, mobile phone, narrative, negotiation, urban fabric


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