M. Loetzsch and M. Spranger Why robots?. In Smith, A.D.M. and Schouwstra, M. and de Boer, B. and Smith, K., editor, The Evolution of Language (EVOLANG 8), pages 222-229, Singapore, 2010 World Scientific.

Sony CSL authors: Martin Loetzsch, Michael Spranger


In this paper we offer arguments for why modeling in the field of artificial language evolution can benefit from the use of real robots. We will propose that robotic experimental setups lead to more realistic and robust models, that real-word perception can provide the basis for richer semantics and that embodiment itself can be a driving force in language evolution. We will discuss these proposals by reviewing a variety of robotic experiments that have been carried out in our group and try to argue for the relevance of the approach.

Keywords: embodiment, evolutionary linguistics, language games


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