Steels, L., De Beule, J. and Neubauer, N. Linking in Fluid Construction Grammars. Proceedings of BNAIC, pages 11-18, Brussels, 2005 Transactions of the Belgian Royal Society of Arts and Sciences

Sony CSL authors: Luc Steels


This paper reports research into a fully operational, computational implementation of a new formalism for construction grammar, known as Fluid Construction Grammar (FCG). The implementation includes components parsing a sentence into its semantic interpretation, and components that turn a semantic specification into a sentence via intermediary semantic and syntactic structures. FCG uses many techniques from formal/computational linguistics, such as feature structures for representing syntactic and semantic structures and unification as basic mechanism for the selection and activation of rules. But the formalism and its processing components have a number of unique properties: All rules are bi-directional so that the same rules can be used for both parsing and production, and they can be flexibly applied so that ungrammatical sentences or meanings that are only partly covered by the language inventory, can be handled without catastrophic performance degradation. The paper focuses in particular how linking, i.e. the mapping of abstract semantic frames to grammatical patterns is handled.


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