Tanaka, A et al. Enhancing Musical Experience through Proximal Interaction. Proceedings of International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), 2004 University of Miami ICMA.

Sony CSL authors: Antoine Authier, Atau Tanaka, Guillaume Valadon, Laurent Violette


The availability of audio content on networks has indelibly changed access to music. We extend this dynamic to wireless ad-hoc networks and present the use of dual infrastructures to extend modes of personal and interpersonal music listening. We identify two distinct forms proximal interaction, sequential and parallel, and demonstrate a musical application for each. Mobile handheld terminals become prototypical future personal music players. They situate the listener in a wireless network space, helping him to define a personal musical sphere with respect to his architectural and social surroundings.

Keywords: peer-to-peer, mobile, pda, ad-hoc, sharing, location


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