There is currently one position open at Sony CSL:

System Engineer / Administrator

Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris, France

Job Description

Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris (CSL) is a research unit of 20 people and a division of Sony Europe Limited. It conducts basic research for Sony Corporation in the areas of music, language and sustainability.

Sony CSL opens a position for a System Engineer / Administrator. This is a part-time (4/5) position, which can evolve into a permanent, possibly full-time position. The position includes 50% system administration for the lab and 50% research assistance to the lab's projects.

Salary : to be negotiated depending on experience.


System administration tasks include:

  • Maintain and improve the network infrastructure.
  • Provide media services to researchers.
  • Maintain software development infrastructure (subversion, git).
  • Manage hardware / software purchases & maintenance.
  • Manage user accounts (Sony Windows Domain) and internal web hosting solutions.
  • Engage into pro-active communication via the Virtual Helpdesk and other usual practices of Sony Europe Limited.
  • Assist the Administrative Manager for handling SAP issues.
  • Participate in internal, company-wide IT efforts.

Assistance to research projects:

The research assistance evolves constantly depending on research objectives but includes:

  • Install IT environments adapted to researcher's needs.
  • Perform a pro-active technology watch.
  • Participate on a case-by-case basis to the research activities.
  • Install and maintain various web services for the research projects.

Skills & requirements

  • Open-minded, open to all technologies, including social networks.
  • General programming skills.
  • Expertise in networking and network security.
  • Expertise in cloud and social networking services.
  • Strong organizational skills; able to prioritize across multiple activities.
  • High-level written and verbal communication skills.
  • Can-do attitude and problem solving mentality.
  • Fluent in both French and English.
  • Able to work fast to meet business constraints (including unplanned outages and abnormalities).
  • Able to work in a team.

About Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris

Sony CSL Paris was founded in 1996 and is a small but booming research cell, focusing on the following areas: personal music experience, developmental cognitive robots, self-organizing communication systems, and sustainable environment simulation.

Sony Computer Science Laboratory is engaged in several European projects such as FLOW MACHINES, PRAISE, IDGF, LRN2CRE8 and other projects.

Research in Personal Music Experience focuses on the future of musical listening by building prototypes of interactive devices and ethnographic experiments to see what people find exciting in music and how new ways of listening integrate in their lives.

Research in self-organizing communication systems investigates through computational simulations and mathematical models how a group of autonomous agents could be able to invent and negotiate a communication system similar to human natural languages.

How to build a sustainable society has recently become a major issue as natural resources get depleted and climate change is of great concern. Sony CSL Paris has launched a number of projects to raise awareness about the issues through volunteer computing and participatory food production.

Sony CSL Paris plays a leading role in the areas it has chosen to be active in. It produces a steady stream of papers in the most prestigious journals and conferences. The lab is viewed as highly innovative and plays a leading role in European IT research.


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