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Presenting our research projects at the Conference on Complex Systems 2022

From the 17th to the 21st of October 2022 some of our researchers and collaborators attended the Conference on Complex Systems (CCS) 2022 in Palma De Mallorca.

The CCS is the largest and most important annual meeting of the international complex systems community. It comes under the auspices of the Complex Systems Society and this edition, organised by IFISC, took place after the previous events held in Lyon, Online, Singapore, Thessaloniki and Cancun.

During those days at the CCS 2022 some of our  researchers presented their works, some in collaboration with the Enrico Fermi Research Center (CREF), the Sapienza University of Rome, the Parma University and other institutions. 

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hygor piaget monteiro melo ccs

Hygor Piaget Monteiro Melo from CREF presented the work “Traveling heterogeneity in public transportation”, (by Hygor Piaget Monteiro Melo and Vittorio Loreto) a joint project with CREF.

Ruggiero Lo Sardo from Sony CSL presented both the work “Evolutionary-like dynamics of writing” (by Ruggiero Lo Sardo, Pietro Gravino, Vittorio Loreto) and the work “Disagreement and fragmentation, understanding the structures of trust in news” (by Ruggiero Lo Sardo, Pietro Gravino and Vittorio Loreto).

ruggiero lo sardo ccs
matteo bruno ccs

Matteo Bruno from our lab presented the work  “Assessing the 15-Minute city and its impact on the quality of life” (by Claudio Chiappetta, Bernardo Monechi, Matteo Bruno, Enrico Ubaldi, Hygor Piaget Monteiro Melo and Vittorio Loreto).

Matteo Straccamore presented the work on “Urban Economic Fitness and Complexity from Patent Data” (by Matteo Straccamore, Matteo Bruno, Bernardo Monechi, Vittorio Loreto), a collaboration between Sony CSL, CREF and Sapienza University of Rome.

For the poster sessions we had Giulio Prevedello, from Sony CSL, on song success predictions and Andrea Guizzo, presenting the case study of the Parma University Campus on urban public transport modeling resource optimisation, a collaboration between Sony CSL, Parma University and the National Institute for Nuclear Physics.

giulio prevedell ccs