Fober, D. and Pachet, F. The JGuido Library: Java API. Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris, Paris (France), July 2013.

Sony CSL authors: Fran├žois Pachet


This Technical Report presents the JGuido Library, the score rendering feature for both cases of rendering the score on-the-fly and a posteriori. The GUIDO Engine Library is a generic, portable library and C/C++ API for the graphical rendering of musical scores. The JGuido library is based on the GUIDO Music Notation Format as the underlying data format and takes into account the conventional music notation system. This report gives an overview of the solutions to support the GUIDO Engine in a Java Virtual Machine [Java VM]. Next, it gives an overview of the Guido Java Interface, which is similar to the C/C++ API. The full documentation is given in Appendix. The JGuido library has been included in MIROR-IMPRO and MIROR-COMPO software developed by Sony Computer Science Laboratory Paris, and released in August 2013. The software itself can be downloaded on request, by contacting the authors here:

Keywords: learning


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