Hild, M., Siedel, T., Benckendorff, C., Thiele, C. and Spranger, M. Myon, a New Humanoid. In Steels, L. and Hild, M., editor, Language Grounding in Robots, pages 25-44, Springer. New York, 2012.

Sony CSL authors: Manfred Hild, Michael Spranger


This chapter introduces the modular humanoid robot Myon, covering its mechatronical design, embedded low-level software, distributed processing architecture, and the complementary experimental environment. The Myon humanoid is the descendant of various robotic hardware platforms which have been built over the years and therefore combines the latest research results on the one hand, and the expertise of how a robot has to be built for experiments on embodiment and language evolution on the other hand. In contrast to many other platforms, the Myon humanoid can be used as a whole or in parts. Both the underlying architecture and the supportive application software allow for ad hoc changes in the experimental setup.

Keywords: humanoid, robots, embodiment, grounding


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