Pachet, F., Roy, P., Moreira, J. and d'Inverno, M. Reflexive Loopers for Solo Musical Improvization. SIGCHI ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI '13, pages 2205-2208, Paris (France), 2013 ACM. Best paper honorable mention award

Sony CSL authors: Julian Moreira, François Pachet, Pierre Roy


Loop pedals are real-time samplers that playback audio played previously by a musician. Such pedals are routinely used for music practice or outdoor “busking”. However, loop pedals always playback the same material, which can make performances monotonous and boring both to the musician and the audience, preventing their widespread uptake in professional concerts. In response, we propose a new approach to loop pedals that addresses this issue, which is based on an analytical multi-modal representation of the audio input. Instead of simply playing back pre-recorded audio, our system enables real-time generation of an audio accompaniment reacting to what is currently being performed by the musician. By combining different modes of performance, e.g. bass line, chords, solo from the musician and system automatically, solo musicians can perform duets or trios with themselves, without engendering the so-called canned (boringly repetitive and unresponsive) music effect of loop pedals. We describe the technology, based on supervised classification and concatenative synthesis, and then illustrate our approach on solo performances of jazz standards by guitar. We claim this approach opens up new avenues for concert performance.

Keywords: classification, loop pedals, music interaction, synthesis, flow machines


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