Spranger, M., Loetzsch, M. and Steels, L. A Perceptual System for Language Game Experiments. In Steels, L. and Hild, M., editor, Language Grounding in Robots, pages 89-110, Springer. 2012.

Sony CSL authors: Martin Loetzsch, Michael Spranger, Luc Steels


This chapter describes key aspects of a visual perception system as a key component for language game experiments on physical robots. The vision system is responsible for segmenting the continuous flow of incoming visual stimuli into segments and computing a variety of features for each segment. This happens by a combination of bottom-up way processing that work on the incoming signal and top-down processing based on expectations about what was seen before or objects stored in memory. This chapter consists of two parts. The first one is concerned with extracting and maintaining world models about spatial scenes, without any prior knowledge of the possible objects involved. The second part deals with the recognition of gestures and actions which establish the joint attention and pragmatic feedback that is an important aspect of language games.

Keywords: grounding, perception, language games


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