Master classes on popular music at Sony CSL

20 February, 2019 |

Master classes on contemporary popular music at Sony CSL

Popular music is the music of our time. In the U.S., it accounts for 75% of music consumption [Nielsen, 2018]. One goal we have at Sony CSL is to teach A.I.s to make music the way musicians of our time do: in Digital Audio Workstations, considering sound and music as one [Eno, 2010]. But expertise on popular music is hard to come by, even for humans: popular music theory and practice are seldom taught in music schools [Humphreys, 2004], and the academia largely neglects to analyse its content [Moorefield, 2005]. We organise internal master classes on contemporary popular music so that our researchers acquire the necessary skills in beat-making, song-writing and production.

Master class Luc Leroy

Luc Leroy is a song writer, arranger and producer for Trak Invaders (link). Throughout 2018-2019, he is invited to the lab to provide several courses on music technology, with a focus on keyboards. Luc maintains a YouTube channel (link) where he keeps videos inspired by his master classes.

Content of one of Luc Leroy’s conferences at CSL, Nov 6th 2018.

Master class Sirian

Sirian is a trance music writer and producer (Facebook , Soundcloud). He visited CSL Paris in January 2019 to give a master class on trance music. Sirian went through the A to Z of trance, from laying the kick drum part to mastering the finished track.

Master class Guillaume Ferran

Former lead singer of French Electro-Pop band Griefjoy (Wikipedia), Guillaume (Facebook) released his first solo EP Pianolitics with Arista/Sony in 2017. He visited CSL Paris in February 2019 for a two-day music writing session, during which he mixed Michael Nyman influences with his own unique piano style.

Guillaume Ferran’s Pianolitics

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