There is currently one position open at Sony CSL:

Game Designer

Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris, France

Job Description

Sony Computer Science Lab in Paris is looking for a Game Designer to conceive and assist the development of scientifically motivated games.

The ideal candidate will work closely with SONY-CSL research teams and third party developers to conceive game-like experiments, aimed at translating scientific questions in playful experiences. Games are a key part of the research activities performed at SONY-CSL Paris to complement modelling and data analyses with first hand data collected through the engagement of a community of players. Engagement also serves the scope of raising people awareness on big societal challenges and help the collective quest for sustainable solutions.

The ideal candidate will be required to:

  • Design interactive games according to the specific scientific needs and experimental constraints;
  • Develop graphics and story-telling narratives, coherently with the spirit of the experiments;
  • Interact and cooperate with the developers actually implementing the game.

Required skills:

  • Deep understanding and passion for games;
  • Experience with Unreal and/or Unity;
  • Experience of scripting languages (Javascript, Python);
  • Expert digital graphics;
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to self-organise;
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills in English;

Candidates with a scientific background and/or strong and wide coding abilities will be appreciated.

Please send your application to

SONY is an equal opportunity employer and as such encourages applications from women and minorities.