@article{Baronchelli_EPJSpecialTopics_2007, author = {Andrea Baronchelli and Luca Dall'Asta and Alain Barrat and Vittorio Loreto},journal = {THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL. SPECIAL TOPICS},note = {language},pages = {233--235},publisher = {Elsevier Science Limited},title = {The role of topology on the dynamics of the Naming Game},type = {article},volume = {143},year = {2007},url = {https://doi.org/10.1140/epjst/e2007-00092-0},abstract = {The Naming Game captures the essential features leading a population to agree on the use of a semiotic convention (or, more in general, an opinion). Consensus emerges through local negotiations between pairs of agents, in the absence of any central co-ordination. Thus, it is natural that topology, identifying the set of possible interactions, plays a central role in the dynamics of the model. Here, we review the role of different topological properties, pointing out that finite connectivity, combined with the small-world property, ensure the best performances in terms of memory usage and time to reach convergence.}}