Dr. Matthias Demoucron

Assistant Researcher


I develop new technologies for music, but I am also passionate about technology enhanced learning and new artistic experiences based on innovation. In these domains, I like to see myself at the edge of an ancient world where I feel comfortable and a new exciting world to explore. On one hand, my strong classical music education led me to value traditions, time consuming activities, and skills acquired through hard work. On the other hand, whatever the problem at hand, I cannot prevent myself from trying to find technological ways to solve it, optimize its resolution, make it easier and more efficient. I think that technology can help us getting rid of tedious tasks in order to focus on creativity, but I also think that this process can eventually open up new paths for expressivity and some sort of innovative crafts based on technologies.

One aspect of creativity is the deviation from a norm. In audio production, artists may deviate from the norm by coming up...
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