Ithan Velarde



Yes, I am a young intern and no, I am not a researcher yet. I am rather a learner. But, after all, aren’t all researchers kind of learners as well? Of course, I can’t compare my experience to theirs, I am only a forth year student pursuing a computer science master’s degree. Nevertheless, one thing we have in common: we ask questions, that may or may not have an answer. In the A.I field, the word “learn” has a special place, that is why most of the time we call it machine learning or even deep learning. All this implies that humans are the teachers and machines the learners. However, I feel that often it is the other way around, because machines have a lot to teach us. Take music for instance, computers can detect patterns where we don’t see them and nowadays they can even create on their own. We are only discovering how complex this phenomenon is, yet all humans can enjoy it. So who is the learner here, me? Computers? Or mankind?