Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris

Computer Science Laboratories

Complexity science, data science and artificial intelligence applied to language, music, creativity and sustainability.

We are the Sony Computer Science Laboratories (Sony CSL) in Paris.

Sony CSL is the leading-edge organization that works to create new research areas and paradigms, as well as new technologies and businesses for the common social good.

Research in language investigates how construction grammars can help to understand the evolution of language and break the glass ceiling of language technologies.


Music and A.I. blend in this topic to interactively create new interesting music, from Renaissance polyphony to contemporary popular music.


A threefold theoretical, computational and experimental effort to investigate how humans and machines explore the space of possibilities and find new solutions.


Committed to build tools for a sustainable society and raise awareness about the main challenges of our era.


&inCSL (étincelle) means spark in French
and that’s what we hope our seminars
will ignite in our scientific community:
new ideas and collaborations.

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Focus on

Our 25th anniversary and Open House at the Maker Faire Rome

Last year our Lab showcased its
researches and technologies to the public
on the occasion of the 9th edition
of the Maker Faire Rome. 

You find everything about this amazing event here!