vision csl paris

Though immersed in a corporate environment, Sony Computer Science Laboratories – Paris (Sony CSL – Paris) aims at acting as a hub for a vast network of realities ranging from the academic field to the corporate one, from the public to the private sector and with a myriad of activities that could have an impact on the most diverse fields of society.

Our lab in Paris features the following four main research areas, where every single project is both the expression of a unique research work and, at the same time, a joint walk in diverse research topics where cross skills, approaches and interests did converge in a unique scenario.


  • Within the Language team we aim at investigating how artificial agents can self-organise languages with natural language-like properties and how meaning can co-evolve with language. Know more here.
  • Within the Music team we imagine the technology for the music of the next decade. working with musicians and content providers to push the boundaries of creativity and understand the complexity of modern music production processes. Discover  more here!
  • Within the Creativity team we aim at investigating the processes underlying innovation and human creativity and their interplay with the most recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Inference methods. Know more here!
  • Within the Sustainability team  we are working on the topic of sustainable, community-based food systems, being particularly interested in technology’s role in such systems, including computer science, robotics, and AI. Read more!