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Sony CSL Open House


Sony CSL Open House, Tokyo, October 23rd and 24th 2018

Sony CSL Paris took part in the 2018 Sony CSL Open House on October 23rd and 24th with 11 demos in areas as diverse as sustainability, music, creativity, and language, in line with the heterogeneity of our teams’ research focuses.

Sony CSL Open House is organized every year as a venue for our researchers to share their latest activities, earn valuable insights and discuss their contributions to society and industry. Nevertheless, the 2018 edition also had special importance for all of us: it was the chance to celebrate Sony CSL’s 30 years of activities.

Many discoveries have been made since the Sony CSL foundation in February 1988, and yet we still believe that much can be done to contribute to the development of the world we live in. Innovation and creativity were the Open House key words, the common thread of the 41 works which were installed.

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Crop monitoring for microfarms (David Colliaux)

3D plant scanner (Timothée Wintz)

Robotics for microfarms (Peter Hanappe)

Deep Semantic Processing (Remi van Trijp, Michael Anslow)

Creastoria (Pietro Gravino, Vittorio Loreto)

Rubedo (Elisabetta Falivene – Sapienza Università di Roma, Pietro Gravino, Alessandro Londei,  Vittorio Loreto)

Citychrone (Bernardo Monechi, Vittorio Loreto)

Kreyon City (Bernardo Monechi, Vittorio Loreto)

Interactive Music Generation (Gaëtan Hadjeres, Théis Bazin)

AutoMix (Emmanuel Deruty, Matthias Demoucron)

DAWGen (Stefan Lattner)

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