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Sony CSL Paris at the Barbican’s Centre


Kreyon City and Rubedo on display at the Barbican’s exhibition AI: More Than Human

We are happy to be among the exhibitors of the Barbican’s show AI: More Than Human with two of our cutting-edge projects about AI and creativity: Kreyon City and Rubedo. AI: More than human is an immersive, interactive art show about Artificial Intelligence aimed at exploring the evolution of the relationship between humans and technology, as well as AI’s creative leaps. Through gamification, Barbican invites visitors to explore innovative and scientific developments in AI, showing them how this technology works and its potential to revolutionize our lives.

Kreyon City is a unique experience whose purpose is to stimulate users to conceive collective sustainable solutions for cities. Visitors plan and build an imaginary city out of LEGO® bricks and learn how the combination of human creativity and AI can represent a promising tool in planning urban development. Brick after brick, participants interact playfully to build a city made of houses, industries, services, parks, without an underlying blueprint. Participants are encouraged to give their contribution to this bootstrapping process, by shaping their views on the city, creating new unpredictable urban paths or improving elements built by others. No-one can conceive a whole town alone. Collective interactions are thus essential to develop new solutions able to meet everyone’s needs. The emerging city is monitored by cameras that allow visualizing critical features in it, like the number of citizens, the quantity of produced waste, the aggregate provided services, the professional levels and the green areas. Based on this monitoring, participants are challenged to accomplish specific missions aimed at finding new best equilibrium states for the city. In doing this, participants have to solve complex problems, learning on the way the non-trivial cause-effect relationships and interaction patterns of a strongly interconnected socio-economic system.

Rubedo is an anticipation game that challenges humans and machines to guess what is next. Players are supposed to gradually reconstruct a text by guessing one character at a time. In doing this, they exploit their inference ability along as their knowledge of the Language. Human players can play one-to-one matches or challenge an AI system.  Who will be the winner? Are humans able to overcome machines on this game? How do social strategies compare to those implemented in artificially intelligent systems? These are just a few questions pivoting around Rubedo that stands out as a typical game with the dual purpose of entertaining while contributing in pushing scientific knowledge about the exploration of the new in many different areas: from innovation to learning processes, from technologies to arts.

Rubedo at the Barbican’s exhibition AI: More than Human

The common thread linking Kreyon City and Rubedo is the adoption of compelling games to push scientific knowledge about how humans and machines explore the space of possibilities, predicting what is next and devising new smart solutions. The aim is that of giving insights on how creativity emerges as an individual or a collective process and exploring how human creativity can be augmented through AI and machine-learning technologies. To this end, a new generation of AI systems will be needed, able to capture the complexity of the contexts and to cope with the never-ending flow of novelties.

16 May–26 Aug 2019

AI: More Than Human

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