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Kreyon City and Citychrone @ Maker Faire Rome


Sony CSL Paris participated in the European Edition of the Maker Faire that took place in Rome from the 18th to the 20th of October 2019 (​here​). Maker Faire Rome is a large faire for inventions and innovation open to all forms of applied creativity, from innovative and practical ideas to more inspirational ones, from new technologies to more traditional handicraft items.

With Citychrone++ and Kreyon City, two cutting-edge projects about creativity and sustainable solutions to societal challenges, we are among the winners of the Makers of Merit 2019.

Makers of Merit, also called BluRibbons, are certifications of esteem awarded by the organizers and the American parent company “Maker Media.”

Citychrone++ is an installation that allows people to explore urban accessibility scenarios using an interactive projector. It is a notable concrete example of a platform including engaging and meaningful visualizations of the present and friendly scenario simulation engines. It redesigns urban and interurban spaces in perspective closer to people’s perception: “spatial” distances between places are mapped into “temporal” distances. It integrates flexible data analysis tools with a simple scenario simulation platform in the area of urban accessibility. In this way Citychrone++ provides users with a powerful tool to assess the present status of urban accessibility, design and evaluate future scenarios.

Participants to the Maker Faire contributed to the construction of a 3 m² LEGO® large city in the collective version of Kreyon City, an installation that we have already presented at the Barbican’s exhibition “AI: more than human”, whereas those who want to grapple with solving single-handedly urban issues will find the single-player experience ready for them. Kreyon City is a unique installation whose purpose is to stimulate users to conceive sustainable solutions for cities. While playing, visitors plan and build an imaginary city out of small bricks and learn how the combination of human creativity and AI can help planning urban development. The emerging town is monitored by cameras that allow visualizing critical features in it, like the number of citizens, the inequality levels, the aggregate provided services, and the green areas. Based on this monitoring, participants are challenged to accomplish specific missions aimed at finding new best equilibrium states for the city.

Rome Maker Faire – The European Edition

October 18 – 20, 2019

Learn more about Citychrone++ & Kreyon City @ Maker Faire Rome

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