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How microgrids are spreading throughout the world


While long being considered ideal for research beds to test high penetration of renewables, commercial viability has been a key issue for the wide-spread use beyond research and pilot projects.

However, since we started microgrid research at CSL almost a decade ago, prices of solar panels and prices have dropped dramatically by 85%, making them viable solutions in many different environments. In fact, microgrids have become one of the key building stones toward long-term sustainable energy networks all over the world, slowly bridging gaps between energy networks between developed and emerging markets.

One of our researchers, Dr. Annette Werth, has taken the COVID time to reflect on her experience on microgrids in different environments, both in professional and volunteering settings – at CSL and beyond. The result is a series of in-depth articles discussing where and when microgrids are viable and what the key drivers are for each case. On-grid microgrids both using the existing infrastructure as well as islanding microgrids are features as well as microgrids in off-grid settings where they serve to provide energy access for the 674 Million people still living in darkness.  

Enjoy reading this very applied approach to microgrids all over the world!