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Interview: one year testing A.I. music production


The Music Team at Sony CSL is developing a new generation of music technology based on Artificial Intelligence. From generating melodies and toplines, to designing drum samples and mixing, the technology is destined for musicians, music producers, and beatmakers alike.

Development of the technology is performed in collaborations with artists:

Meet Donn Healy, who spent the better of 2020 helping the Music Team tune A.I. music technology to an artist’s music production workflow.

Donn walks us through the use of different prototypes and how they found a place in his music production workflow.

Representation of the overall workflow and interactions in one of Donn’s samples with A.I.

Working with A.I. changes the relationship between the computer and the composer. A.I. allows the design of more responsive tools. They are able to suggest ideas and assist the composer, rather than only execute tasks. Composing music feels closer to a conversation with the machine than before.

According to Donn, “[the] newly established workflow has the notion of conversation built into it: one step leads to the next rather than having random processes here and there, which is how it first started. It’s funny because I usually produce alone, but I found myself really enjoying the conversation element. I would definitely miss that if I didn’t have access to these tools anymore.”

Donn shares his thoughts about the impact A.I. can have on music production in the future.

Stay tuned to CSL for newest advances in music and A.I.!

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