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KouzanExpo first deployment at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome


KouzanExpo, is a user-friendly web app designed to support the visitors of an exhibition in their explorative journey. The app has been developed as a branch of Kouzan and especially adapted to exhibition environments. The app development has been conducted at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna and funded by Sony CSL Paris and had its first deployment on the occasion of the exhibition “Incertezza: Uncertainty. Interpreting the present, foreseeing the future,” which will be shown from October 2021 until February 2022 at the “Palazzo delle Esposizioni” in Rome.

KouzanExpo adds information to what is displayed on site providing supplementary descriptions and extra digital content for all the installations at the exhibition. Visitors may also express their opinions and leave comments throughout their visit, enabling an unprecedented two way flow of information between the installations and themselves. The activity of visitors is processed in order to guess their path through the exhibition and their level of appreciation of single installations.

This prediction aspect of KouzanExpo leverages modern machine learning algorithms borrowed from the well-established field of recommendation systems, where both the wisdom of the crowd and the user-specific information are distilled to come up with relevant and scientifically sound results.

More about the concept

The KouzanApp is a web application capable of recording human interactions involving knowledge transfer. The app helps tracing the knowledge transfer among people, thus documenting and correctly attributing the creative input of individuals to a joint project. Its key feature is the monitoring of all events where two or more peers exchange information. Examples range from conversations, presentations and group meetings, to any kind of co-creation processes in person or online.


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