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Around Mobility, the event at the MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan


Last week our Director Vittorio Loreto gave a speech at the event Meet the Media Guru about Mobility at the MEET Digital Culture Center in Milan. The event is part of a research project aiming at studying all the transformations happening within the mobility sector, analysing the phenomenon through the lens of a human centred approach to technological development. In this perspective the event offered the possibility to meet international experts having a strong related background in the mobility field.

Vittorio Loreto’s speech launched the debate about the future of modern cities, also exploring the recent scenario in which, due to the pandemic, people has started to move far from the city center towards more peripheral areas they perceive safer and less crowded. The characteristics of this “migration” are now challenging institutions and authorities who cannot avoid to deal with a change in policy making and urban development.

How do new lifestyles, new citizens’ expectations and new needs will impact the city of future? How do they will transform mobility and urban planning? These questions are urgently searching for an answer.

During the event our Kreyon City installation about sustainable cities and mobility has been displayed. Kreyon City will be at MEET Digital Culture Center until the end of January 2022.

The Kreyon City Project