Sony CSL was founded in February 1988 in Tokyo. In 1996 this experience gave birth to Sony CSL Paris.

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Each Sony CSL researcher sets an ambitious goal and approaches it systematically using Open Systems Science, publishing his or her findings along the way. We believe that the best results are produced by individuals acting independently, or as members of an ad hoc team, and that a laboratory should offer the best possible conditions to support such activities. At Sony CSL, value is assessed by the degree to which achievements are perceived to contribute to humanity and society, to new science and technology, to industrial progress, and to product development.

This is the environment in which our researchers work for the global good, seeking to use their findings to change the world in which we live. The benefits of this research are returned to society through the activities of the Sony Group or commercialized through in-house business proposals. Studying extremely diverse realms of knowledge, and motivated to make a meaningful contribution, Sony CSL researchers inspire each other to keep exploring new domains, new concepts, new business areas and new technologies.

Sony CSL Tokyo