New book on the project “Phenotypes”

07 September, 2018 | Peter Hanappe

The book to match the successful art installation “Phenotypes /
Limited Forms” has finally arrived! Armin Linke and Peter
Hanappe, together with designer Laure Giletti, analyze the more
than 28000 photo books that have been created with the
interactive installation to make sense of this large quantity of
data. The art work, which traveled through Europe and Brazil over
the past 10 years, allows visitors to select eight prints from
Armin’s photo archive and create their own paper booklet on the
spot. Using RFID technology, the selection of photos of each
visitor together with the title they gave to their booklet is
recorded and stored for further analysis. We developed several
techniques to navigate this database using among other sequence
probability (Markov), color similarity, and title
probability. The results are presented and explained in this
unique book, along-side introductory texts by Peter Weibel,
Vittorio Loreto, Doreen Mende, Wilfired Kuhn and Estelle