Audio, point zero
One aspect of creativity is the deviation from a norm. In audio production, artists may deviate from the norm by coming up with unusual colours, an interesting mix balance… Therefore, one characterisation of audio creativity goes through the definition of norms. In some cases, the norm is clearly stated. The norm for the position of the kick drum in a mix is the center, other positions will be considered unusual and possibly creative. In most cases, the norm remains unknown. In particular, there is no clear norm for the spectral profile of an unmastered song or a track in a mix. In practice, normative processors conforming a track or mix to a suitable norm, may be immensely useful. Such processors could be used by both humans and artificial intelligences to set audio tracks to a “point zero” from which creativity can be implemented in the form of deviations.
The processors developed as part of the AutoMix project at CSL Paris use the most recent developments of machine learning to define audio norms and conform audio to a norm. Applications include music production, game audio production, audio mastering, and audio dataset regularisation. The AutoMix project started at CSL Paris in 2016. It is conducted in association with Sony Music Entertainment France and Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.