Interactive Music Generation


Music composition for everybody.
Listening to music is natural for almost every one of us, but when it comes to composing music, only a small fraction of the population has attempts to do so. Why such a gap?  Perhaps because music composition has always been considered as a complex and time-consuming process which requires both theoretical knowledge and years of practice. Having to start from a blank page can be frightening and discourage many potential creators.
During the creative process, loneliness can be counterproductive: receiving feedbacks and feelings from external sources is highly valuable, somewhat reassuring and often leads to the emergence of novel ideas. Furthermore, some tasks can be so lengthy that they insidiously make even the more talented musicians stay within their domain of expertise. At Sony CSL, we think that in every one of us there is creativity, talent and personal experiences deserving to be expressed. Thus, if our expression is only restricted by technical difficulties, why don’t we simply remove these barriers?
This project consists in building a musical assistant for everyone which is able to guide, advise and dialogue with creators. We are building a whole suite of modular tools aimed at covering the whole spectrum of music production, from symbolic music composition (scores) to interactive sound design. Since interaction with a creator is at the core of this project, we work hand-in-hand with artists and devise dedicated user interfaces able to demonstrate our latest advances in A.I. research.
We hope that in the near future these tools will help musicians explore still unthinkable musical horizons and play a fundamental role in the evolution of music production as we know it.