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Investigating Creativity in storytelling


A key research target is the direct individuation of the factors able to trigger creative exploits. To this end, one needs an operational definition of creativity and ways to quantify it in controllable settings. This activity will be concerned with the conception and implementation of suitable game-based experiments aimed at elucidating how creativity emerges and answer to questions such as: (i) to which extent creativity is an individual or a social process? (ii) How to quantify the value of a new idea? (iii) does creativity require (or is enhanced by) specific constraints? The idea of using games for this task comes from the natural link play shares with learning, a key feature towards finding new and valuable solutions. In this framework, CSL Paris is working on games about storytelling and the collective creations of textual artefacts. More in details, a game will be implemented where players become authors, creating growing trees of collaborative flash-fictions. The game will allow monitoring the full creative process: who wrote what, at what time, the cues received, the choices made, the time taken to write a fragment etc. In this way, the game will mirror in a detailed way a collective creative process whose features can be scientifically investigated. The resulting dataset will be of cardinal importance and will allow investigating the determinants of creativity while, at the same time, providing valuable insights on the expansion of the storytelling adjacent possible.