Paths in the space of possibilities


Creativity is more and more recognized as the main driver for progress in all sectors of mankind’s activities: arts, science, technology, business, social policies. The Creativity Science Lab is committed to unfold the mechanisms through which people (individually and collectively) express their creativity and come up with new artefacts and new solutions. One of the key problems in this area is represented by a lack of knowledge about what could be, i.e., about that peculiar space where lies everything that is not yet actual, still possible, the so-called adjacent possible. Experimental probes for creativity are conceived by observing how people explore their adjacent possible in many different sectors: from literature to music, from visual to performing arts, from science to technology. Key to this is the investigation of the exploit/explore patterns, how people form their representations of the potential future, how these representations impact their choices how people adopt and change their strategies face to an ever more volatile world, how new tools and technologies (e.g., data science or artificial
intelligence) can augment human creativity.