@INCOLLECTION { gerasymova:12a, address = {Amsterdam},author = {Gerasymova, Kateryna and Spranger, Michael and Beuls, Katrien},booktitle = {Experiments in Cultural Language Evolution},editor = {Steels, Luc},note = {Language},pages = {257--276},publisher = {John Benjamins},series = {Advances in Interaction Studies},title = {A Language Strategy for Aspect: Encoding Aktionsarten through Morphology},type = {INCOLLECTION},volume = {3},year = {2012},abstract = {This chapter explores a possible language strategy for verbalizing aspect: the encoding of Aktionsarten by means of morphological markers. Russian tense-aspect system is used as a model. We first operationalize this system and reconstruct the learning operators needed for acquiring it. Then we perform a first language formation experiment in which a novel system of Aktionsarten emerges and gets coordinated between the agents, driven by a need for higher expressivity.}}