@INCOLLECTION { beuls:12a, address = {New York},author = {Beuls, Katrien and van Trijp, Remi and Wellens, Pieter},booktitle = {Language Grounding in Robots},chapter = {11},editor = {Steels, Luc and Hild, Manfred},note = {Language},pages = {215--234},publisher = {Springer},title = {Diagnostics and Repairs in Fluid Construction Grammar},type = {INCOLLECTION},year = {2012},url = {https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-1-4614-3064-3_11},abstract = {Linguistic utterances are full of errors and novel expressions, yet linguistic communication is remarkably robust. This paper presents a double-layered architecture for open-ended language processing, in which ?diagnostics? and ?repairs? operate on a meta-level for detecting and solving problems that may occur during habitual processing on a routine layer. Through concrete operational examples, this paper demonstrates how such an architecture can directly monitor and steer linguistic processing, and how language can be embedded in a larger cognitive system.}}