@INPROCEEDINGS { micelli:09a, author = {Micelli, Vanessa and van Trijp, Remi and De Beule, Joachim},booktitle = {Proceedings of the 31th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society},editor = {Taatgen, N.A. and van Rijn, H.},note = {Language},pages = {3023--3027},publisher = {Cognitive Science Society},title = {Framing Fluid Construction Grammar},type = {INPROCEEDINGS},year = {2009},url = {http://csjarchive.cogsci.rpi.edu/proceedings/2009/papers/662/paper662.pdf},abstract = {In this paper, we propose a concrete operationalization which incorporates data from the FrameNet database into Fluid Construction Grammar, currently the only computational implementation of construction grammar that can achieve both production and parsing using the same set of constructions. As a proof of concept, we selected an annotated sentence from the FrameNet database and transcribed its frame annotation analysis into an FCG grammar. The paper illustrates the proposed constructions and discusses the value and results of these formalization efforts.}}