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Diletta Vedovelli
Donatella Tomaiuoli
Eleonora Pasqua
Francesca Bianchi
Manuela Calanca
Martina Galletti
Michael Anslow
Remi van Trijp PhD
Interactive Concept-map Based Summaries for SEND Children


Equitable and inclusive quality education is a human right. It is crucial to provide for the learning needs of every child, especially those with learning disabilities. Traditional approaches to learning propose education paths performed with speech therapists. One of the most efficient strategies to help children with reading comprehension difficulties is the creation of a “concept map”, a structured summary of the written text in a graph structure. Online tools that offer students the possibility to manually create or automatically extract concept maps from text have been created over the years. However, there is still a shortage of software that are specifically designed for children at risk and which produce a concept map that is tailored to the clinical profiles of individuals. In this Project Collaboration, we want to tackle this gap by implementing a multi-modal, online and open-access Artificial-Intelligence powered tool that could help these children to make sense of written text by enabling them to interactively create concept maps.
The expected output is threefold. We will implement a new model for concept-map-based document summarisation and a clinically appropriate web interface. We will evaluate them in real-world settings through user studies performed by speech therapists.