@article{Peer-to-peer Control System for DC Microgrids, author = {Werth, Annette and André, A and Kawamoto, D and Morita, T and Tajima, S and Tokoro, M and Yanagidaira, D and Tanaka, K},journal = {Smart Grid, IEEE Transactions on},pages = {1--8},title = {Peer-to-peer Control System for DC Microgrids},year = {2016},abstract = {We propose and implement a dc microgrid with a fully decentralized control system, using the ICT concept of network overlays and peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Decentralization not only concerns the physical systems and control logic but also the control structure which provides the network infrastructure on which Energy Management is carried out. In this study, we show how such decentralization can be achieved using P2P frameworks as underlying control structures and implemented a pure P2P to eliminate single points of failure. For this, a Direct Current Open Energy System (DC-OES) made of the interconnection of standalone dc nanogrids is used as underlying microgrid. The power flows between nanogrids are controlled by a decentralized exchange strategy: each household can request or respond to energy deals with its neighbours without requiring system-wide knowledge or control. Using dc combined with a layered, modular software allows loose coupling which increases flexibility and dependability. The system has been implemented and tested on a full-scale platform in Okinawa including 19 inhabited houses. Real data analysis as well as simulations demonstrate improvements in selfsufficiency compared to other types of systems. Resilience against utility blackouts is proven in practice. }}