@INPROCEEDINGS { vantrijp:12b, address = {Singapore},author = {van Trijp, Remi},booktitle = {The Evolution of Language (EVOLANG 9)},editor = {Scott-Phillips, T.C. and Tamariz, M. and Cartmill, E.A. and Hurford, J.R.},note = {Language},pages = {360--368},publisher = {World Scientific},title = {The Emergence of Morphosyntactic Case Systems},type = {INPROCEEDINGS},year = {2012},abstract = {Despite centuries of research, the origins of grammatical case are more mysterious than ever. This paper addresses some unanswered questions through language game experiments in which a multi-agent population self-organizes a morphosyntactic case system. The experiments show how the formal part of grammatical constructions may pressure such emergent systems to become more economical.}}