@INCOLLECTION { vantrijp:12a, address = {Amsterdam},author = {van Trijp, Remi},booktitle = {Experiments in Cultural Language Evolution},editor = {Steels, Luc},note = {Language},pages = {169--205},publisher = {John Benjamins},series = {Advances in Interaction Studies},title = {The Evolution of Case Systems for Marking Event Structure},type = {INCOLLECTION},volume = {3},year = {2012},url = {https://doi.org/10.1075/ais.3.10tri},abstract = {Case has fascinated linguists for centuries without however revealing its most important secrets. This paper offers operational explanations for case through language game experiments in which autonomous agents describe real-world events to each other. The experiments demonstrate (a) why a language may develop a case system, (b) how a population can self-organize a case system, and (c) why and how an existing case system may take on new functions in a language.}}