Alexis André

Sony CSL – Paris

Alexis André is a French artist, researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, and designer based in Paris (after having spent more than two decades in Tokyo, Japan) at the forefront of redefining procedural art. Driven by a generative approach, André’s work encompasses more than just his artistic practice; it represents a holistic effort to reshape the way people experience art. Drawing upon his extensive expertise and cross-disciplinary perspective, André continues to push the boundaries of creativity and transform his scripts into immersive and personalized artworks. With a vision for personalized experiences, André envisions a future where generative systems empower the creation of individually tailored pieces. To bring this concept to life, he developed the robot toy platform “toio,” recognized for its innovative design (including iF Design, Reddot, and Good Design awards). He has also been collaborating with master Japanese craftsmen to accelerate their creativity through designing custom generative systems to help them ideate at the speed of thought, not manual labor.André’s generative art pieces have gained global recognition, showcased at prestigious events such as Siggraph, Tokyo, Art Basel Miami, and COP26 in Glasgow. His work has also been featured in auctions at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. On top of his work for Sony, André has worked with many artists and brands, including Gucci, ISSEY MIYAKE, Jean-Michel Jarre, Open Reel Ensemble… André’s academic background includes engineering (Information Science and Energy from Supélec, 2003) and advanced degrees (M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2004, 2009).

Agency in Creativity

How to design a tool to enhance the creativity of people, especially artists, is a tricky question. In this talk I will present a few hypothesis based on my personal experience of exploring the use of generative processes (in the sense of procedural algorithms, not generative AI) towards the design of tools that allow artists to feel empowered about their artistic choices – resulting for some artists in a new chapter in their practice, as if their creativity got accelerated. This talk is of course extremely subjective – disucussion is more than welcome!