Alexis André

Alexis André

Sony CSL Tokyo

Alexis André is an artist, researcher and designer aiming at redefining entertainment. In this golden age of computation and data overflow, why is our entertainment still designed to be consumed in a passive way? A few media are offering interactive experiences, but none of them are designed specifically for you. Alexis is working towards a future where you could enjoy unique experiences that were tailored to your preferences, where the power of generative systems is leveraged to offer individually custom-created pieces. As a first implementation of this concept, he created the robot toy platform “toio” that gathered various design awards (iF Design, reddot, Good Design…). His generative art pieces have been showcased all around the world (Siggraph, Tokyo, Art Basel Miami, COP26 in Glasgow…) and in auction at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Engineer (Information Science and Energy, Supélec, 2003), M.S., Ph.D. (Computer Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, 2004, 2009), Researcher at Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., Tokyo since 2009.

Intent in Generative Processes

This talk will explore via various examples how automated (generative, procedural) processes can and should reflect the artist’s intent and the audience the process is targeting, and the technology needed to support that vision.