Andrea Gabrielli

Andrea Gabrielli

Enrico Fermi Center

Since January 2021 he covers the role of Scientific Director of the “Enrico Fermi Center” in Rome and, since 2019, he is Associate Professor of Physics at the Engineering Department of the “Roma Tre” University in Rome. Previously Tenured Researcher at Istituto dei Sistemi Complessi (ISC) – Italian National Research Council (CNR), c/o Physics Department of the University Sapienza of Rome, Italy. Research activity in complex systems, stochastic processes and network theory with applications to physical, social, economical and biological systems.

Complex networks and statistical inference methods for fMRI data analysis of human brain activity

In this talk we present the results of the analysis of fMRI data of human brain at rest, using different methods of complex network theory, ranging from maximum spanning tree, to percolation and allometry. This approach permits to detect a clear hierarchical functional organization of the human brain cortex and to detect significant difference in the organization between populations of normal individuals and schizophrenic patients.