Anne-Laure Ligozat

Anne-Laure Ligozat


Anne-Laure Ligozat is an associate professor in computer science at ENSIIE and LISN (Paris-Saclay & CNRS). Her research interests are the environmental impacts of Information and Communication Technologies and in particular of Artificial Intelligence. She is also the sustainable development referent for her laboratory and her establishment.

How to make your research more sustainable?

As individuals and researchers, we are concerned with environmental challenges and deeply aware of the necessity to be more sustainable. But in practice, what does this entail? How can a researcher’s activity be “sustainable,” and how do we integrate sustainable practices into research projects? Where do we start? In this presentation, I will propose a list of actionable rules to facilitate the contribution of anyone in the community towards sustainable research. These rules address a variety of topics, such as training on environmental issues or comprehensively evaluating the impacts of a research, with different levels of potential impact, to illustrate the breadth of possible actions.