Annette Werth

Annette Werth

(EX-) Researcher at Sony CSL Paris

Annette Werth is an Italian engineer and researcher passionate about technologies that can help to accelerate the adoption of renewable energies and prevent climate change. She worked on Energy Group at Sony CSL Paris and before that at CSL Tokyo, always looking at microgrids. Her last research focused on off-grid microgrids in collaboration with startups such as Okra in the Philippines and SOLshare in Bangladesh. She also worked in, or with, utilities and was a founding member of the startup TRENDE Inc, an online retailer offering free roof-top solar subscriptions in Japan. She holds a PhD in Systems Innovation department from the University of Tokyo, where she is still acting as a visiting researcher.

Microgrids as future-proof solutions for electrification

Annette Werth (PhD) (EX-) Researcher at Sony CSL Paris and Giulio Prevedello (PhD) Researcher at Sony CSL Paris: Microgrids are a key technology to grant universal access to affordable and clean energy. In this seminar we provide an overview of the technology and business models and then dive deep into a case study on a decentralized off-grid microgrid in the Philippines. We will present a data-driven approach to evaluate implemented solutions and energy sharing benefits from interconnected Solar Home Systems.