asako tomura

Asako Tômura

General Manager, Group 1, Corporate Technology Strategy Division, Sony Group Corporation

Asako has 25 years’ experience as a content plus sustainability professional with particular focus on the integration of advanced technology into entertainment and social issues. She started her career at Shiseido in advertising as a web creator. She then joined Sony Corporation in 2001 and while employed at Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) and at Aniplex, Inc., she oversaw the launch of the content distribution business for film and animation. Afterward, she engaged with top-notch NGOs, and the United Nations, etc., in projects that utilized technology to tackle social issues from 2010 to 2014. She had also acted as community manager of creators for Sony’s new concept Life Space UX within task force under CEO direct control. Currently, she oversees content development, Sci&Tech communication and sustainability as strategist and principal researcher.

Artists + Multinationals: A Dynamic Symbiosis Breeding New Values

Those who walk toward, striving for values and world views that no one has seen before, are true pioneers. Advanced technology can accelerate the realization of these vision. The close collaboration between artists, creators, and engineers has the potential to become catalysts for each other. New professions can emerge that transcend existing occupational boundaries. I introduce initiatives that bring together a diverse range of people in the fields of advanced art and technology. That collective creativity has the great potential to bring new values to the society.