Donald Ruggiero Lo Sardo

Donald Ruggiero Lo Sardo

Sony CSL – Rome

Donald Ruggiero Lo Sardo is an Assistant Researcher from Sony CSL (Rome) and Centro Ricerche Enrico Fermi. His research focuses on polarization dynamics in online social networks and creative processes of the written word, in particular exploration patterns of human and artificial agents. He is a PhD candidate at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna and a member of the creativity team at Sony CSL (Paris).

Trust and Poison in online social dialogue

Exploring the effects of misinformation and disagreement on social cohesion and public discourse is essential in today’s media landscape. In this presentation, I will share insights from our recent investigations into the Insfosphere and share with you the results of ‘Cartesio’, an online platform where users rate their trust in news articles, and the research of the Rome team into Toxicity in online discourse. I will try to convince you that misinformation is not the root of disagreement, but that disagreement is more likely to increase user engagement on platforms like Facebook. These findings suggest that combating misinformation alone may not reduce opinion polarization. In the second part I will tell you how different communities organize on the topic of immigration and what happens to communication when the people leave their echo-chamber. Finally, I will present some evidence from youtube data, that time is of the essence when dealing with toxic content. This work was done in collaboration with the Paris Infosphere team, AGCOM, Giuseppe Russo and Giacomo Vaccaro from ETCH Zurich.