Douglas Boari

Douglas Boari

Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris

The unique mixture of sustainability, research, and software engineering immediately attracted me to Sony CSL. I am an engineer at heart. I love solving problems and making things work. Well.

I have worked on a wide range of software development projects: writing music for video games, mission control software for an environmental monitoring satellite, ticketing systems, motor control, ultra-low power vehicle tracking devices and more. From design and development of embedded devices to large-scale networking systems, my mission is to deliver quality, well designed software. Yeah, I’m a geek!

Sustainability plays an important part in my family life. It influences the decisions we make daily from the food we eat, to the products we buy, and the modes of transport we adopt. So I am happy to bring my experience to the Robotics for Microfarms project to build novel tools that can help multi-crop organic micro-farms stay economically viable in a world where cost is often more important than consequence. The work that the sustainability team does is important to all of us, and I’m proud to be a part of it. Plus… I build ROBOTS!

Closing the gap between research and startup. An introduction to Test Driven Development

These days there is more demand and sometimes more pressure to turn research into a product or startup. This can often be a very complex and time consuming task, since software in research is often written with a singular goal in mind. Often little thought is given to future use, maintainability, or quality. This situation is actually more common that many realise. Additionally many students finishing their studies who choose to enter industry, will often have little or no knowledge of best practices. In this short seminar he will introduce some basic concepts of Test Driven Development (TDD), and show how a change in how we think of the software development process can lead to more modular, maintainable, self documenting, and stable software.