Emmanuel Deruty

Emmanuel Deruty

Sony Computer Science Laboratories Paris

Any music you can(not) imagine

Globalization has led popular music to become a part of universal world culture. The conventions of music have departed from local preferences to a universally shared language. Additionally, cheap personal computers have brought million-dollar studios to people’s homes. Everybody’s a music producer. A plethora of virtual instruments, audio processes, and sample libraries are readily available. A universal language, loads of data: it’s time to look for an understanding of the universal principles of music. Can we define universal principles of well-formedness in music? The path to such knowledge goes through the augmentation of human capacities of observation using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. When algorithms of automatic music generation grow to possess this knowledge, then we can generate music from any material, music from the strangest idea, any music you can(not) imagine.

Mixing: why?

Music mixing is the process of combining multitrack recordings into a final product. Sony CSL is involved in music mixing through the AutoMix and DAWGen projects. Beyond making the music merely audible, what is the purpose of mixing? Citing many examples within five categories, we explore a variety of aspects music mixing can address.