Fumiko Ogushi

Osaka University

Fumiko Ogushi is Assistant professor of the Center for Mathematical Modeling and Data Science at Osaka University and JST PRESTO Researcher fort the Math-Structure area.

Digital ethology in Wikipedia

Recent empirical findings of Wikipedia suggest that the editors may contribute to Wikipedia in two ways: by making maintenance-like edit, i.e., dealing with formal aspects and maintaining the edit flow and by making content edit, i.e., improving the article by adding content according to his/ her interest and expertise. Based on these findings, we introduce a simple dynamical model of collective edit activity of editors on Wikipedia articles. In this model, each editor is characterized by an ability to make content edit and a tendency to make maintenance-like edit. Each article is characterized by a level of maturity as compared to a potential maximum quality needed to comprehensively cover its topic. The emerging network in this model reproduces the basic network characteristics of the bipartite network between editors and articles of Wikipedia. In addition, the relationship between the model parameters for editors and articles and the metrics of those calculated from the emergent network is found to be robust. In this talk, the effect of maturation of the articles will be also discussed.