Gaëtan Hadjeres

Gaëtan Hadjeres

Sony CSL Paris

Gaëtan Hadjeres graduated from the École Polytechnique (France) and obtained a master in Pure Mathematics from Paris 6 University (Sorbonne Universités). He joined Sony CSL Paris in 2014 to do a Ph.D. thesis on music generation under the supervision of François Pachet and Frank Nielsen. In 2018, Gaëtan successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Interactive Deep Generative Models for Symbolic Music” and is now a permanent member of the Sony CSL Paris Music Team. Parallel to this scientific background, Gaëtan studied music composition at the Conservatoire de Paris (CNSMDP). He is also a pianist and a double bass player. His main research research interests involve generative modelling and self-supervised learning with a strong focus on human-computer interaction. Github: LinkedIn: Twitter:

The Piano Inpainting Application

In this talk, I will present the inner-workings of the Piano Inpainting Application (PIA), an A.I.-powered Ableton Live plugin meant to assist music creators during their compositional process. We will see how PIA makes the composition of piano pieces both easy and playful while creating novel ways to approach music composition for amateurs and professionals alike. We hope this presentation will shed new lights on the benefits of A.I.-assisted music composition, from democratizing computer music even more to boosting artists’ creativity. PIA is freely available at Presentation video: Website: