Gentiane Venture

University of Tokyo

Gentiane Venture is Professor of Robotics with the University of Tokyo and a cross appointed fellow with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology, Japan. Her research focuses on the dynamics of human, robots and the environment. Her group and her work are transdisciplinary to see robotics not as field with applications in certain areas but rather as an art of living together.

Robots that care

For most of us it is “normal” to interact with other humans and in particular to use non-verbal communication as a mean to convey intention, emotion and to give a purpose to an interaction. What happens when people are interacting with robots? In this talk I will present some of our latest advances in designing robotics systems that can handle non scripted, ecological interactions. Our research results are used to understand human-machine interactions and human-robot interactions and to create artificial awareness: social awareness, emotional awareness… and aim at creating a seamless intelligent environment that humans and machines could share. The presentation entwines concepts from the fields of AI, robotics, psychology, sociology and philosophy.